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Special Files

Private Pilot Syllabus (pdf)
Private Pilot Training Record Spreadsheet (MS-Excel Spreadsheet)
Holding Instructions on Business Cards (pdf)This is a set of holding instructions designed to be printed on business card stock and used like a deck of cards to "deal out" holding instructions.

Flight Training Records

There's never enough room in a logbook to record everything that covered in a lesson.

These kneeboard-sized records contains all of the tasks in the Private and Commercial (VFR Record) and the Instrument (IFR Record) PTS. and is suitable for both regular and recurrent training, including flight reviews. The IFR Record notes that tasks earmarked by the Instrument PTS for a proficiency check. The box to the left of each task can be used for checking off tasks completed or for grading the maneuver.

The two-copy multipart form is signed by both the student and the instructor, each of which retains a copy of the document.
VFR Training Record IFR Training Record